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myrrhcat in bonus_stage_rp


Rya found herself at a crappy truck-stop diner. She briefly considered asking about Phil and that other dude, but then remembered that no one could see or hear her. She had a good feeling, though. Like she was on the right track or something superstitious like that. Her suspicions were somewhat confirmed when she heard a waitress chatting with a 270-pound trucker about "two weirdos, like, one with orange hair and I don't remember what the other one looked like."
Rya then felt a sudden compulsion to continue her journey, and in a very specific direction. She didn't know why, but she just decided to go with it.

So she did.

Meanwhile, Violet was writing a song. She knew Cassidy knew she was writing one, and that that made stuff awkward, but she had nothing else to do.
Cassidy didn't really care anyway. She had just been staring through the clear glass doors the whole time. She didn't sit outside or anything; apparently she couldn't work up the energy to open the doors. She had even decided to eat a Popsicle, which they had plenty of, but it had somehow melted completely before she took her first lick. And the AC was totally on.

Now, she wasn't even really thinking anymore. She wasn't here. She wasn't anywhere. She was just staring, like she was no longer a person – just a shell.
Crap. That sounded really emo. It was almost as if the words from Violet's song, which was probably really emo, were leaking into her head. Wait, was that a thought? But she wasn't supposed to be thinking.

Right. Meditating or something. Not really intentionally, but that's what she was doing. Unfortunately, the thoughts couldn't really be kept away. She really couldn't believe what had just happened. And it was all her stupid fault! If she had only kept her mouth shut...
Would that really have mattered?
After all, she had done what she had done.
And she had thought what she had thought.

Also, they had known all along, so it wouldn't have mattered. She felt surprisingly embarrassed at the fact that what she had thought was secret turned out to be... well... not so secret.
I mean, not like it made a difference. Because she had never felt ashamed or anything. Never. She was just glad she had gotten away with the murder. At least that was still solid. Rya hadn't, for some reason, told anyone about it, and Violet... Well, thankfully, she didn't seem to mind.
Although Cassidy really wondered why. She knew Violet was different, but could anyone really be that tolerant? Well... No. It wasn't worth thinking about. She should just be glad that Violet was her friend regardless.

Was Violet still her friend, though? After all, up to this point, they had been a lot more... something. Violet had tried to cheer her up though... But... oh crap, Cassidy realized she hadn't even responded in the slightest. Had she offended her? All these hypothetical questions were really clogging up that space in her brain that was supposed to be empty.

Cassidy decided to go to talk to Violet. She had been kind of rude.
She got up and began walking toward where Violet was sitting. However, she found herself face-to-face with Violet as she turned around.

"Cass- oh." Violet blinked.
"Uh." Cassidy also blinked.
"You're... right here," Violet said unnecessarily. "You were over here, but..."
"Yeah. I know. I wanted to... uh, talk."
"Me too."
Cassidy paused. "Um...Yeah... You go first."
"Well, I... I guess..." Violet said, "I guess I'm sorry..."

"Wait," Cassidy said. "YOU'RE apologizing to ME?"
"Well, yeah, I was all like trying to comfort you when you really didn't want me to," Violet said awkwardly.
"Wh- That's not true," Cassidy blurted out. "I mean, I like... comfort."
"But still, I mean..."
"No," said Cassidy, "I'm the one who should be apologizing."
"Why would YOU want to apologize?" Violet looked genuinely baffled.
"Because I didn't even pay attention at all when you were trying to make me feel better! I totally shut myself out to you."
Violet shook her head. "But you were really upset, right? I mean, I can't always deal with people when I get really upset."
"No, that was totally all my fault! I should have paid attention to you at least a little bit!"
"No, don't worry about it. I mean, just tell me when you need me, and I'll totally be there for you." Violet smiled.
"Well, I..." Cassidy began.
"I think that I need you... right now."
Violet's eyes went wide for a moment, and she pursed her lips. But then she snapped back to her normal Happy Expression. She hugged Cassidy.
Cassidy rather suddenly and somewhat surprisingly felt a lot better. But she wondered what exactly that was that Violet had just done. She wondered if she should risk ruining the moment by bringing it up, but then decided not to.

"So hey," Cassidy instead said.
"Yeah?" Violet smiled, quite a lot more cheery herself.
"Uh..." Cassidy paused. "I thought of something before that I wanted to ask you."
"Sure, fire away!"
Cassidy twisted up her lips. "Um, this is hard, but..." She sat down on a nearby loveseat.
Violet looked as cheerful and receptive as ever. "Go ahead, you can tell me anything."
"Well, I wanted to know, actually, why you, uh... hang out with me even though I like... killed someone."

Violet frowned slightly. "That's..."
Cassidy bit her nails. "Er. That was a bad thing to ask."
Violet tried to think of something to say in response to that, but she was stuck. She desperately wanted to tell Cassidy that it was fine, it was all right, that she didn't care, that she'd still be her friend, but she couldn't figure out how to respond. She did notice that her lack of response was making Cassidy freak out, though, so she said: "Cassie."
"What?" Cassidy felt soothed by the use of the nickname, even though she didn't really like it much.
"Um..." Crap. Violet couldn't think of anything good to say, which just made it seem worse, so she just put her arm around Cassidy and hoped for the best.
"I..." said Cassidy. “I'm..." But she didn't know what she was.
"You're the coolest person ever," Violet said, "no matter what you did to whoever."
"But I'm... not..." said Cassidy weakly.
"Not what?" Violet frowned. "There's nothing you're not. Except maybe 'terrible' or 'uncool'."
"But I'm not cool! You do all the... stuff, I just kind of... tag along with you, and ruin it sometimes. Like when we got Chinese."
"Ugh," Violet disagreed. "You've never ruined everything. I just… take things weirdly sometimes, and that... screws everything up." She paused. "But the point is, you're the entire reason I got to HAVE this cool adventure, and you're saying I do all the stuff?"
"Well, yeah," Cassidy shrugged. "Right when I first met you, you did all the talking, and I just kind of... sat there."
"So what? I talk too much and make an idiot of myself and you're suddenly uncool for, like, KEEPING your cool?"
"Well..." Cassidy felt like rebutting that, but also felt like she wasn't getting anywhere and this didn't really have a point.
Violet looked past Cassidy's head and noted the sky. "It's gettin' kinda dark," she said. "I'ma go change!"
"Cool, I'll wait here!" Cassidy smiled.

Violet was a go change. Then, she came back, only this time, she was wearing an old school T-shirt and plaid boxers. She resumed her exact position from before on the couch. Er, loveseat. Whatever the damn thing was. Then, Cassidy felt really weird for not wearing pajamas.
"I'm gonna go change too, okay?"
"Okay!" Violet answered enthusiastically. She pumped her raised fist in the air.

Cassidy went to the bedroom, found a stripey nightgown, and put it on. She did a little twirl before re-emerging. Violet chuckled slightly.
"What?" Cassidy asked.
"Nothing, it's just that little spinning thing you did was..."
Cassidy peeped: "You saw that?"
Violet shrugged. "Yeah. I do that all the time anyway. You reminded me of me."
"I can... do that?" Cassidy wondered.
Violet looked at her like she had just asked if she could pee. "Well, yeah."
"Er..." Cassidy said uncomfortably, "I'm sorry..."
"Geez! Don't apologize! Too much apologizing tonight!"
"Oh, yeah, I guess you're right. Sor-" Cassidy caught herself in time. "Anyway yeah I'm back." She sat down again next to Violet.
Violet lifted her arm halfway up, wondering whether she should resume their previous position, then figured that'd be too awkward and put it back down. The vibe they had going before they got changed was slightly ruined now. Violet, however, had a somewhat sneaky solution: "Hey, Cassie, can you grab me a soda please?"
"What?" Cassidy had been kind of spacing out. "Oh. Oh, sure!" She said brightly. "What kind do you want? As long as it's not piña colada, I mean," Cassidy joked as she trekked toward the fridge.
Violet giggled. "Uh... Surprise me." She quietly moved her arm back to its previous position.
"Surprise you?" Cassidy repeated. In her mind, she added specific emphasis to the latter word in the sentence.
"Yes, surprise me."
"'Course." Cassidy perused the fridge, carefully examining the soda inside.
Violet was growing impatient as Cassidy carefully examined each can of soda. Cassidy finally decided on some kind of fruit soda or something, then returned to the couchy thing, smiling apologetically. "Sorry for making you wait."
"No prob." Violet grabbed the soda with her not-holding-Cassidy hand, placed it on the end table, and promptly forgot about it.

Cassidy sat primly down where she had been sitting before. The primness dissolved in approximately three seconds. They just sat there for a while, not really talking. Eventually, Cassidy turned to the left and noticed that Violet's eyes were closed.
Cassidy smiled a bit to herself. Violet was kinda funny sleeping like that. Slowly, Violet's head and body began drooping in Cassidy's general direction. Cassidy didn't actually realize this until she herself was too sleepy to care.

Soon they were both asleep on the couch, propped against each other like a two-woman card house.

Meanwhile, Phil and Andrew found themselves haggling with the counter clerk at a ritzy hotel. Apparently, they had left the nearest affordable motel many miles behind them.
"So how much would it cost if we just slept in the lobby, then?" Andrew asked, while Phil, who had long ago given up on this, sat in the corner clutching his forehead.
"We would have to throw you out," explained Miss Clerk.
Phil quietly growled something unintelligible but undoubtedly sarcastic.
"Come on," Andrew pleaded. "I'm an attractive guy, am I not?"
Phil closed his eyes and tried not to think of Andrew.
"Er..." Miss Clerk said. "I'm sorry, sir."
"Why are you sorry? Is it because you'll feel bad for leaving the hotel's front desk empty?" Andrew raised his eyebrows up and down again.
"No, sir. Look," she said exasperatedly, "you have to pay to get a room. The full price. We don't do promotions."
"I'm finished," said Phil finally. He walked out.
Andrew rolled his eyes at the clerk lady, as if to indicate that Phil was some sort of annoying little brother, and followed him out.

When he exited, Phil was sitting on the ground glumly by their car.
"Hey," Andrew said, "why are you sitting on the ground?"
Phil didn't say anything.
Andrew shrugged at Phil, entered the back seat of the car, and laid down on it. Phil stayed outside the car for a while, then grudgingly followed Andrew and slept in the front. Andrew sucked for taking the seats that didn't have the shift between them poking into his back. Not that he wouldn't have. Of course, he could just sleep in the back too, but...
On second thought, no he could not. He decided to unthink that thought. But that, of course, is impossible. So they slept in the car.

Kenneth was thanking Joel for the "interesting day" and preparing to go home. Elly stared at the letters on the window reading "PUORG TSAFKAERB EHT". She had ordered the squid omelette, wondering if it was really that good. She only got through half a tentacle. It tasted like fried rubber. With eggs.

Joel had ordered The Bacon Platter; Kenneth, crepes. Surprisingly, they had shared each other's food. Elly was fairly put off by this. At least they didn't feed it to each other, she thought. However, once she had thought that, she couldn't stop picturing it in her mind. It was terrible.
She buried her face in her right hand. "Oh god," she said, inadvertently aloud.
Kenneth looked up. "What?" he asked.
"Ugh, nothing. Forget it." She stuffed another tentacle in her mouth in an attempt to seem less conspicuous. She suppressed the intense urge to just spit the damn thing out.
Kenneth watched her slurp the tentacle down. Elly noticed this and nearly choked on it.
"WHAT?!" she asked.
"Nothing, it's just there was nothing else interesting to look at." Kenneth started to walk away.
"Hey, wait!" she complained. "Don't leave!"
"What? Why?" Kenneth turned around, looking confused.
"Because..." She pointed at Joel, who apparently hadn't even noticed that Kenneth was leaving and was still eating his bacon.
"Oh yeah," said Kenneth. "That."



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