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hagurukagi in bonus_stage_rp

Mandy and Nick's First RP: Part 11

Part 11: The Final Chapter a.k.a. Rya's Funeral a.k.a. June Makes Some Confessions a.k.a. Mandy and Nick Sure Are Weird, Man a.k.a. The Last Chapter is Supposed to Have a Ridiculously Long Title, So Here it Is: The Final Chapter in Which Rya is Buried and Given a Funeral During Which Phil and June Give Eulogies and Stuff; Oh, and Joel Cheats on Her Again (Unintentionally) a.k.a. They'll Meet at the End of the Tour

Hagurumon31 (7:43:25 PM): PHIL: Joel, that's completely different!
IllNeedACrane (7:43:35 PM): JOEL: Not really.
Hagurumon31 (7:44:05 PM): PHIL: Yes! It is! Me standing right here is proof that I exist. But there's no proof that Rya was a hooker.
IllNeedACrane (7:44:40 PM): JOEL: OKAY FINE.
Hagurumon31 (7:46:04 PM): PHIL: Uhhh...I forgot what we were supposed to be doing now.
IllNeedACrane (7:46:20 PM): PHIL: Oh yeah, funeral stuff.
Hagurumon31 (7:46:55 PM): JOEL: Oh, right. Jessica, go to the graveyard and steal some flowers for Phil's funeral.
IllNeedACrane (7:47:05 PM): PHIL: NOT MINE!
Hagurumon31 (7:47:17 PM): JOEL: ........who died?
IllNeedACrane (7:47:25 PM): PHIL: RYA, YOU DOLT.
Hagurumon31 (7:47:44 PM): JOEL: Who the hell is Rya?
IllNeedACrane (7:48:07 PM): PHIL: ...SHE DIED JUST A FEW DAYS AGO.
Hagurumon31 (7:48:52 PM): JOEL: Is she the one with the hat?
IllNeedACrane (7:50:06 PM): PHIL: The redhead? -__-
Hagurumon31 (7:50:35 PM): JOEL: Oh. *looks over at Jessica* Hi, Rya.
IllNeedACrane (7:50:57 PM): PHIL: No, like, RED red. Crimson.
Hagurumon31 (7:51:30 PM): JOEL: Hmm. Doesn't ring a bell. Oh well, what do you want ME to do for the funeral?
IllNeedACrane (7:51:56 PM): PHIL: Just don't pee on the grave and don't give a eulogy.
Hagurumon31 (7:52:56 PM): JOEL: Aww, but those are my best skills! D:
Hagurumon31 (7:54:02 PM): JOEL: Do I get to carry the casket? :D
IllNeedACrane (8:01:14 PM): PHIL: No.
Hagurumon31 (8:02:04 PM): JOEL: How about yes? I wanna drop it intentionally.
IllNeedACrane (8:02:22 PM): PHIL: I am NOT letting you do that.
Hagurumon31 (8:03:26 PM): JOEL: can I drop it ACCIDENTALLY then?
IllNeedACrane (8:03:42 PM): PHIL: NO.
Hagurumon31 (8:03:57 PM): JOEL: Come on, it would be funny.
IllNeedACrane (8:04:24 PM): PHIL: No. It wouldn't.
Hagurumon31 (8:05:10 PM): JOEL: Can I set up the honeymoon reservations, then?
IllNeedACrane (8:05:19 PM): PHIL: WHAT?! O_o
Hagurumon31 (8:05:35 PM): JOEL: For after the ceremony?
IllNeedACrane (8:06:01 PM): PHIL: You don't have honeymoons after funerals!@
Hagurumon31 (8:06:20 PM): JOEL: Wait, it's a funeral? I thought you said it was a wedding!
IllNeedACrane (8:06:34 PM): PHIL: Well, it's not.
Hagurumon31 (8:07:10 PM): JOEL: I want a wedding. Jessica, marry me.
IllNeedACrane (8:07:30 PM): JESSICA: Okey-doke.
Hagurumon31 (8:07:42 PM): PHIL: You are NOT going to marry my mom.
IllNeedACrane (8:08:11 PM): JOEL: AM TOO.
Hagurumon31 (8:08:29 PM): PHIL: HELL NO YOU'RE NOT. I don't want to be related to you. =/
IllNeedACrane (8:09:32 PM): JOEL: WELL YOU WILL BE!
Hagurumon31 (8:10:49 PM): PHIL: I'd really rather I wasn't. =/
IllNeedACrane (8:13:07 PM): JOEL: TOO BAD! :D
Hagurumon31 (8:14:02 PM): PHIL: No, dammit! You know, they DO ask people for objections before you're officially married. And I'M going to be the one objecting. T_T
IllNeedACrane (8:15:57 PM): JOEL: Yeah but you're not invited.
Hagurumon31 (8:16:33 PM): PHIL: I'll burst into the church. Or Vegas chapel, which I presume you're going to be using.
IllNeedACrane (8:16:43 PM): JOEL: I'll tie you up.
Hagurumon31 (8:17:43 PM): PHIL: I'll break out using my superpowers.
IllNeedACrane (8:18:31 PM): JOEL: Anyway, don't you have a funeral to do?
Hagurumon31 (8:19:40 PM): PHIL: Oh, right. Uhhh... I guess I'd better get back to making plans.
IllNeedACrane (8:36:52 PM): PHIL: *gets back to making plans*
Hagurumon31 (8:37:05 PM): PHIL: Man, this is going to cost me a lot.
IllNeedACrane (8:37:47 PM): PHIL: I can just buy a metal box and put her in there...
Hagurumon31 (8:40:26 PM): JOEL: Large Metal Boxcrafters is still the way to go. =)
IllNeedACrane (8:41:16 PM): PHIL: *goes there*
Hagurumon31 (8:42:14 PM): CLERK: How can I help you today, ma'am?
IllNeedACrane (8:43:40 PM): PHIL: First off, I'm male. And I need a casket-sized box.
Hagurumon31 (8:44:33 PM): CLERK: Well, we do specialize in such things. We have a sale on casket-sized boxes today, but unfortunately there's only one left and it's kinda... shitty.
IllNeedACrane (8:45:16 PM): PHIL: Show me.
Hagurumon31 (8:45:47 PM): CLERK: *brings him over to a casket, which smells like shit. literally.* See?
IllNeedACrane (8:46:16 PM): PHIL: Ew. Well...she's tiny. Maybe 5'2" at most. I could maybe curl her up a little and put her in a smaller one.
IllNeedACrane (8:46:45 PM): PHIL: Hold on, I'll get her.
Hagurumon31 (8:46:48 PM): CLERK: Well, the next-largest size we have is 5'1".
IllNeedACrane (8:46:58 PM): PHIL: *goes and gets her and brings her back. wow that was quick!*
IllNeedACrane (8:47:07 PM): PHIL: Like I said. She's tiny. See?
Hagurumon31 (8:47:30 PM): CLERK: Hmm... yeah, you could probably fit her in if you twisted her head or something.
IllNeedACrane (8:48:03 PM): PHIL: Maybe I can...put her in the fetal position and lay her on her side...
Hagurumon31 (8:48:37 PM): CLERK: That's an interesting way to do it, but whatever works for ya.
IllNeedACrane (8:48:56 PM): PHIL: Maybe a relatively large square one.
Hagurumon31 (8:49:36 PM): CLERK: Well, our "relatively large square one" section is over that-a-way. *points*
IllNeedACrane (8:49:53 PM): PHIL: *carries rya over there*
Hagurumon31 (8:51:02 PM): PHIL: *browses* Um, okay, I guess really any of these would work, maybe...
IllNeedACrane (8:51:29 PM): PHIL: *fits her in one* Wow. This one is perfect.
Hagurumon31 (8:51:53 PM): CLERK: That'll be a thousand bucks.
IllNeedACrane (8:51:59 PM): PHIL: FUCK
Hagurumon31 (10:08:47 PM): CLERK: Well, one alternative is to steal it. They sell burglary kits across the street.
IllNeedACrane (10:09:10 PM): PHIL: Promise you won't arrest me. I can't afford a real casket.
Hagurumon31 (10:09:44 PM): CLERK: Eh, whatever. I'm being laid off soon anyway.
IllNeedACrane (10:12:01 PM): PHIL: Okay. I'll take it, then.
Hagurumon31 (10:12:20 PM): CLERK: 'Kay, that'll be zero dollars.
IllNeedACrane (10:12:44 PM): PHIL: Thanks. *puts lid on box, leaves*
Hagurumon31 (10:14:09 PM): PHIL: *arrives home* Hey Joel, I finished the box-shopping. You'll never guess what occurred.
IllNeedACrane (10:14:29 PM): JOEL: You nailed her?
Hagurumon31 (10:15:04 PM): PHIL: Nothatcamelater. Actually, I ended up STEALING! :D
IllNeedACrane (10:16:34 PM): JOEL: Yay.
Hagurumon31 (10:17:30 PM): PHIL: Umm... okay, I was kinda expecting some sort of reward, but, whatever. What've you been doing while I was gone?
IllNeedACrane (10:22:11 PM): JOEL: Jackin' off.
Hagurumon31 (10:23:03 PM): JESSICA: And I helped!
IllNeedACrane (10:23:29 PM): PHIL: o_o
Hagurumon31 (10:25:35 PM): JOEL: Normally I would celebrate your spiraling into the darkside, but I. Am. Beat.
IllNeedACrane (10:26:00 PM): PHIL: Whatever. I'm gonna go bury her now, seeya.
Hagurumon31 (10:26:50 PM): JOEL: Okay, but whatever you do, don't bury her in that pet sematary. IT. IS. CURSSSSSSSSSED.
IllNeedACrane (10:27:10 PM): PHIL: I won't.
Hagurumon31 (10:27:40 PM): JOEL: ...err. Well... it'll bring her back to life. Seriously. It totally will. So do it.
IllNeedACrane (10:28:32 PM): PHIL: Will not.
Hagurumon31 (10:29:30 PM): JOEL: It will! It's... umm... an ancient Indian... place... thing... it has mystical properties.
IllNeedACrane (10:30:03 PM): PHIL: I'm just gonna bury her, okay?
Hagurumon31 (10:30:31 PM): JOEL: Well, FINE. But you just lost the points you just got, bitch.
IllNeedACrane (10:30:43 PM): PHIL: Whatever.
Hagurumon31 (10:31:39 PM): PHIL: *heads off to perform the burial*
IllNeedACrane (10:32:00 PM): PHIL: *finds the graveyard and a shovel*
Hagurumon31 (10:32:19 PM): PHIL: *digs a hole*
IllNeedACrane (10:33:37 PM): PHIL: *places rya in hole* Goodbye, Rya. I love you.
Hagurumon31 (10:34:07 PM): PHIL: Goodbye. :( *covers the hole.*
IllNeedACrane (10:34:20 PM): PHIL: Fuck, it's raining. -__-
Hagurumon31 (10:34:37 PM): PHIL: Now I won't be able to see my tears.
IllNeedACrane (10:34:56 PM): PHIL: Aaaaaaaaand it's muddy now.
Hagurumon31 (10:35:42 PM): PHIL: I should probably hurry up and get back home before something stupid happens.
IllNeedACrane (10:35:59 PM): PHIL: She needs a tombstone, though.
Hagurumon31 (10:36:37 PM): PHIL: Damn, I forgot all about that... hmmm... *looks around, sees a huge-ass rock and one of those utensils that people use to carve things*
IllNeedACrane (10:37:35 PM): PHIL: *takes rock and carving utensil, carves "Rya's Grave" into it, carries it over* It'll have to do for now.
Hagurumon31 (10:38:17 PM): PHIL: *is all muddy and wet with water, among other things* Fuck. I need a shower.
IllNeedACrane (10:38:39 PM): PHIL: *goes home*
Hagurumon31 (10:39:46 PM): PHIL: *walks right past Joel and Jessica, who are doing things that probably should not be mentioned*
IllNeedACrane (10:40:42 PM): PHIL: *goes and takes a shower*
Hagurumon31 (10:41:30 PM): PHIL: *gets dressed, heads back to Joel and Jess*
IllNeedACrane (10:41:56 PM): PHIL: Please stop having sex on the couch.
Hagurumon31 (10:42:41 PM): JOEL: Can we still do it on the kitchen table? And in the shower? And in your bed?
IllNeedACrane (10:43:00 PM): PHIL: What? No! Do it in YOUR bed.
Hagurumon31 (10:43:20 PM): JOEL: We broke it.
IllNeedACrane (10:43:34 PM): PHIL: DO IT ANYWAY.
IllNeedACrane (10:44:23 PM): PHIL: Well, I'm gonna go...place. *walks off*
Hagurumon31 (10:44:32 PM): JUNE: *walks in* JOEL?!?!?!
Hagurumon31 (10:47:07 PM): JOEL: It's not what it looks like. Again.
IllNeedACrane (10:56:17 PM): JUNE: *teary-eyed* Yes it is!
Hagurumon31 (10:57:01 PM): JOEL: No, it's not. It's... um. I tripped and fell, and uh, my penis just happened to land there.
IllNeedACrane (10:58:21 PM): JUNE: You're lying! AGAIN!
Hagurumon31 (10:58:47 PM): JOEL: I'm not! Look, look, I tripped over that... uhh... piece of dirt over there...
Hagurumon31 (10:59:11 PM): JOEL: ...that is all I'm standing on today.
IllNeedACrane (10:59:42 PM): JUNE: Why do you cheat on me, Joel?
Hagurumon31 (11:04:59 PM): JOEL: I'm not cheating on you, dammit! We just happened to both be nekkid at the same time is all.
IllNeedACrane (11:06:36 PM): JUNE: You were having sex with her.
Hagurumon31 (11:06:54 PM): JOEL: I wasn't. I tripped.
Hagurumon31 (11:08:57 PM): JOEL: And I was only thrusting to... try to... get my penis unstuck.
IllNeedACrane (11:16:06 PM): JUNE: Don't lie! *starts sobbing*
Hagurumon31 (11:16:41 PM): JOEL: June, I swear on this stack of porn that- well, maybe not the porn, but on the Bible- that I was NOT having sex with Jessica!
IllNeedACrane (11:18:01 PM): JUNE: *runs off sobbing*
Hagurumon31 (11:19:00 PM): JOEL: What the hell was that all about?
IllNeedACrane (11:19:24 PM): PHIL: You hurt her, Joel. I'm gonna go console her.
Hagurumon31 (11:21:05 PM): JOEL: Aaaaaand I'm going to continue trying to get unstuck. I really DID trip, you know.
JESSICA: It's true.
IllNeedACrane (11:21:24 PM): PHIL: Well, whatever. Seeya.
Hagurumon31 (11:22:05 PM): JOEL: Seriously, Jessica, you have to stop being down on all fours right in front of me every time I trip. T_T
IllNeedACrane (11:23:10 PM): JESSICA: Aww, I like it. :(
IllNeedACrane (11:23:17 PM): PHIL: *goes off to june's room*
Hagurumon31 (11:25:09 PM): PHIL: June, are you okay?
IllNeedACrane (11:25:45 PM): JUNE: No! My boyfriend doesn't love me, I helped kill a girl--
PHIL: You what?
Hagurumon31 (11:26:29 PM): JUNE: Errr... nothing, it's not important...
IllNeedACrane (11:32:55 PM): PHIL: Tell me. Please. I want to help. :(
Hagurumon31 (11:33:41 PM): JUNE: You saw what happened! Joel was cheating on me. AGAIN! Even after these arguments, he just goes and does it again!
IllNeedACrane (11:34:03 PM): PHIL: No. Not that. The other thing.
Hagurumon31 (11:34:44 PM): JUNE: Nothing, it's nobody you know. Just some random girl. >_>;
IllNeedACrane (11:35:51 PM): PHIL: Look. I just want to help, okay?
JUNE: ...It's Rya. If I hadn't told her she could become a real person...I didn't know she was going to die at first, but then I found out and I tried to warn her and she wouldn't listen...I could've DONE something, Phil! She didn't HAVE to die!
Hagurumon31 (11:37:09 PM): PHIL: .......wow. I-I just don't know what to say...
Hagurumon31 (11:42:51 PM): PHIL: I... I guess it's not ENTIRELY your fault...
IllNeedACrane (11:43:36 PM): PHIL: Not your fault at all, really.
Hagurumon31 (11:44:38 PM): JUNE: It IS my fault. I could've stopped it.
IllNeedACrane (11:45:05 PM): PHIL: You tried to.
Hagurumon31 (11:45:20 PM): JUNE: But I failed. I'm a failure.
IllNeedACrane (11:49:32 PM): PHIL: June, she was a stubborn person. It's not your fault she didn't listen.
Hagurumon31 (11:51:46 PM): JUNE: I should've tried harded, though. I probably could've done it if only I were less of a fuck-up.. ;_;
IllNeedACrane (11:51:58 PM): PHIL: Well, what did you tell her?
Hagurumon31 (11:53:41 PM): JUNE: Errr... well, I just warned her that she'd become a real body instead of a hologram...
IllNeedACrane (11:54:03 PM): JUNE: I was in front of Andrew, I was scared to tell her explicitly...
Hagurumon31 (11:55:00 PM): PHIL: Andrew, huh? I never liked that guy....
IllNeedACrane (11:55:31 PM): JUNE: He paid attention to me...
Hagurumon31 (11:56:33 PM): PHIL: He was probably just staring at your boobs. *looks at boobs* ...well, maybe your ass.
IllNeedACrane (11:57:07 PM): JUNE: But...it seemed like he cared about me...that was all I wanted...
Hagurumon31 (11:57:33 PM): PHIL: I'm sure there're people out there who care about you.
IllNeedACrane (12:05:28 AM): JUNE: No. No one does!
Hagurumon31 (12:05:56 AM): PHIL: Well, what about me? I probably count, right?
IllNeedACrane (12:06:07 AM): JUNE: I guess, but...
Hagurumon31 (12:07:26 AM): PHIL: But...?
IllNeedACrane (12:08:05 AM): JUNE: I dunno. I just...not even Joel loves me...no one's ever loved me...not even my parents...
Hagurumon31 (12:09:25 AM): PHIL: Your parents? o.O You should probably see a psychologist about that.
IllNeedACrane (12:16:49 AM): JUNE: They always neglected me...
Hagurumon31 (12:19:04 AM): PHIL: ...and then you ran away and started going out with Joel to rebel, right?
IllNeedACrane (12:23:08 AM): JUNE: No...
IllNeedACrane (12:23:36 AM): JUNE: I ran away, yeah, but I didn't start dating him until a few years ago...
Hagurumon31 (12:23:54 AM): PHIL: Mmmhmmm... mmmhmm... *writing on notepad* Go on...
IllNeedACrane (12:35:02 AM): JUNE: I lived on the streets for a while, until I met him...
Hagurumon31 (12:36:16 AM): PHIL: *puts on some glasses* Huh. Interesting. And that's when you guys moved in with me, right?
IllNeedACrane (12:42:10 AM): JUNE: A bit before then.
Hagurumon31 (12:42:36 AM): PHIL: Huh...okay. Weird. *sits down in a chair that wasn't there before*
IllNeedACrane (12:43:04 AM): JUNE: We lived in a little apartment for a while.
Hagurumon31 (12:43:22 AM): PHIL: A shitty one, right? Knowing Joel, he probably didn't pay too much for it.
IllNeedACrane (12:44:04 AM): JUNE: Yeah. There were cockcroaches.
IllNeedACrane (12:44:20 AM): JUNE: It wasn't an apartment, actually--we just lived in a sleazy motel.
Hagurumon31 (12:44:58 AM): PHIL: o.O That's retarded. Why did you continue going out with him?
IllNeedACrane (12:50:44 AM): JUNE: Because I can't stand being alone.
Hagurumon31 (12:51:40 AM): PHIL: There's other guys out there, June. T_T
IllNeedACrane (1:04:18 AM): JUNE: But...I love him...
IllNeedACrane (1:04:27 AM): PHIL: Come ON, June! Take out the trash!
Hagurumon31 (1:04:54 AM): PHIL: How? How do you love a guy who's a total jerk, ruining everyone's lives?
IllNeedACrane (1:05:03 AM): JUNE: I...I dunno.
Hagurumon31 (1:05:14 AM): PHIL: Just... stop loving him.
IllNeedACrane (1:05:36 AM): JUNE: I can't just stop loving him!
Hagurumon31 (1:06:32 AM): PHIL: You have to find a way. Not just for yourself, but for everyone. T_T
IllNeedACrane (1:08:31 AM): JUNE: B-but...
PHIL: No buts, June.
Hagurumon31 (1:09:10 AM): JUNE: *looks at ass* But my ass is kinda sexy.
IllNeedACrane (1:10:21 AM): PHIL: *palmface*
Hagurumon31 (1:10:40 AM): JUNE: *shrug* Well Joel enjoys it. =/
IllNeedACrane (1:10:55 AM): PHIL: You deserve better than him, June.
Hagurumon31 (1:12:23 AM): JUNE: I know...I know... but I can't help it.
Hagurumon31 (1:16:48 AM): JUNE: It's just... something uncontrollable.
IllNeedACrane (1:17:06 AM): PHIL: Still.
Hagurumon31 (1:17:30 AM): PHIL: Do you really plan on spending the rest of your life with him?
IllNeedACrane (1:20:14 AM): JUNE: Y-yes...
Hagurumon31 (1:20:40 AM): PHIL: O_O Don't you think it'd be a little awkward to marry a guy who's always cheating on you?
IllNeedACrane (1:21:13 AM): JUNE: I don't know.
Hagurumon31 (1:21:59 AM): PHIL: ....how could you not know? It's pretty obvious.
IllNeedACrane (1:26:23 AM): JUNE: I just don't know, okay?!
Hagurumon31 (1:26:43 AM): PHIL: You're just setting yourself up for even more pain.
IllNeedACrane (1:28:46 AM): PHIL: It's really not a healthy relationship.
Hagurumon31 (1:29:22 AM): JUNE: Yes, I know...but there's nothing I can do about it, Phil. Just...forget about it. :(
IllNeedACrane (1:37:32 AM): PHIL: I guess.
Hagurumon31 (1:39:27 AM): JUNE: *sigh* So umm... how'd it go with... Rya's funeral thing?
IllNeedACrane (1:39:44 AM): PHIL: We didn't have a funeral per se...I just buried her.
Hagurumon31 (1:41:10 AM): JUNE: ...well... that's... kinda disrespectful, but whatever.
IllNeedACrane (1:41:48 AM): PHIL: I'm the only one I know of who really cared about her. How are you supposed to have a funeral with only one person?
Hagurumon31 (1:42:39 AM): JUNE: Well, you could've done it more formally. =/
IllNeedACrane (1:42:50 AM): PHIL: I said goodbye...
Hagurumon31 (1:44:13 AM): JUNE: That's it? Geez. I mean, I'm not much of a critic, but... damn, Phil.
IllNeedACrane (1:44:32 AM): PHIL: There wasn't a whole lot to say.
Hagurumon31 (1:45:18 AM): JUNE: Whatever. So what are you going to do now?
IllNeedACrane (1:47:28 AM): PHIL: Wait...maybe WE could have a funeral for her. Both of us.
Hagurumon31 (1:48:11 AM): JUNE: ...what, you mean me? I- I'm not really good with funerals.
IllNeedACrane (1:48:50 AM): PHIL: Please.
Hagurumon31 (1:49:33 AM): JUNE: Uhhh... sure, I guess. But don't blame me if it ends up sucking.
IllNeedACrane (1:49:42 AM): THEY: *go*
Hagurumon31 (1:50:01 AM): THEY: *got lost...not really*
Hagurumon31 (1:50:09 AM): PHIL: Here we are, June.
IllNeedACrane (1:50:27 AM): JUNE: ...Not much of a tombstone. :/
Hagurumon31 (1:51:18 AM): PHIL: It's all I could think of.
IllNeedACrane (1:51:25 AM): JUNE: Oh.
Hagurumon31 (1:51:40 AM): PHIL: ......yeah.
IllNeedACrane (1:58:12 AM): PHIL: ...Wanna give a eulogy?
Hagurumon31 (1:59:00 AM): JUNE: I don't really know anything to say. =/
Hagurumon31 (2:02:42 AM): JUNE: I really haven't had all that much contact with her, ya know.
IllNeedACrane (2:02:59 AM): JUNE: But I didn't actively hate her.
Hagurumon31 (2:03:43 AM): PHIL: Right. Well, use THAT as a eulogy then.
IllNeedACrane (2:04:04 AM): JUNE: Okay. Your go, then?
Hagurumon31 (2:05:30 AM): PHIL: *sigh* I guess. Uhh... Rya was... more than just a robot to me... I know that she had feelings... and thoughts... she was sentient somehow. And, um, a good friend. Usually a shitty one, but she had her moments.
IllNeedACrane (2:06:59 AM): PHIL: I honestly cared about her.
Hagurumon31 (2:07:26 AM): JUNE: *light applause*
IllNeedACrane (2:09:31 AM): PHIL: ...Wow, that eulogy sucked.
Hagurumon31 (2:09:54 AM): PHIL: Well June, it's your muthafuckin' turn.
IllNeedACrane (2:19:19 AM): JUNE: I gave mine. I said I didn't actively hate her...that's all I had to say...
Hagurumon31 (2:19:39 AM): PHIL: ...um, okay. Well, I guess that's it. Still pretty shitty.
IllNeedACrane (2:19:51 AM): JUNE: Yeah. I know.
Hagurumon31 (2:22:10 AM): PHIL: ...DO YOU?!
IllNeedACrane (2:23:20 AM): JUNE: Yup.
Hagurumon31 (2:24:54 AM): PHIL: Okay. Well, let's go home, do some stuff, and ummm... I dunno.
IllNeedACrane (2:28:55 AM): JUNE: Okay. *leaves*
Hagurumon31 (2:30:32 AM): THEY: *go home*
IllNeedACrane (2:31:59 AM): PHIL: *quickly goes back to the grave*
JUNE: Wait, where are you going?
PHIL: I don't think I really finished. *looking down at the grave* Rya...I love you. I think. I'm not really certain, but...I'm pretty sure I do.
Hagurumon31 (2:33:30 AM): JUNE: Aww, Phil...
IllNeedACrane (2:35:38 AM): PHIL: Goodbye for now...I'll visit, okay?
Hagurumon31 (2:37:01 AM): JUNE: *puts hand on his shoulder* Come on, Phil. Let's go.
CAMERA: *pans up, and some sad music and end credits probably roll*


Joel's Lolly

March 2011

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