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myrrhcat in bonus_stage_rp


Cassidy was gently prodded awake by the grey light of the morning sun tiptoeing through the picture windows at 9 AM. She ran a hand through her hair, which was like a glossy black river of ebony. With blue... parts. Also in there. Like you know. Blue parts. Actually, those were getting kind of fadey. She should probably re-dye them sometime.
She finally opened her eyes around 9:30. As far as she was concerned, waking up and getting up were two entirely different concepts. And when she did open her eyes, it confirmed the suspicion she had already developed: She was lying decidedly on top of Violet.

She had gradually become aware over the last half-hour of the breathing that was moving her slightly up and down, the warmth that comes of body heat, and Violet's nice dish-soap smell mingled with some sort of perfume. She didn't want to get up.

...Because she was too tired.

But she figured it would be pretty awkward if Violet woke up to find Cassidy on top of her, so she got up and turned to look at Violet on the couch. Cassidy realized it was actually pretty cold when she wasn't sleeping on top of someone else. She wondered it Violet might be cold too. So she went into the bedroom, found a big ol' fluffy comforter, and dragged it back over to the couch.

She gently laid it on top of the peacefully sleeping Violet. Maybe it was her imagination, but it seemed as if Violet looked a little happier with the blanket on. Pleased with her work, Cassidy went to go get dressed.

Dressing happened.

She put the dressing in the fridge to save for later, wondering why the condo's last occupants had left a bottle of low-fat ranch in the top drawer of the dresser. Then she got dressed. And then she checked herself out in the mirror. Sure enough, those blue parts weren't looking so hot. She didn't really look that great in general, actually.

Her hair was in a state of horrible disarray, her lips were chapped, and her nose was weirdly red. For once, though, she didn't have bags under her eyes. She sighed. Why did she have to be so... so... the way she was? Whatever that was. She picked up the comb she had laying around and began combing the fuck out of her hair.

After she was finished, her hair looked like messy hair that someone had combed the fuck out of. If only she had brought some kinda conditioner or something, but there wasn't enough room in her bag. It didn't really matter, though, since the conditioner didn't really work that well anyway. Oh well, at least she didn't have dandruff.

Cassidy decided to just throw it into a ponytail, vaguely remembering the last time her hair had been in a style other than hanging straight down. She lifted an elastic from Violet's... toiletry bag, hoping she wouldn't mind and figuring she probably wouldn't.
She tied it into a ponytail, examined it in the mirror for a few seconds, then pulled the tie out of her hair and redid it. She repeated this action for a while, getting more frustrated, then just finally leaving her fifth ponytail as it was, although she wasn't really satisfied with how it looked. She then splashed some water on her face, hoping to wake herself up a bit and possibly get rid of the nasal redness.

Now her face looked... well... wet. She dried it vigorously with one of those nice white towels. It didn't really look any different but it did wake her up a bit, which was nice. She tended to get a bit groggy in the mornings, although not as bad as some of the people she knew. Elly couldn't speak a word until having about three cups of espresso. She was thirsty, though, so she put on some lip balm and then went to the kitchen to get water.
She turned on the tap and the water poured into a glass. Bottled water was for pussies. She slugged it down, savoring every delicious mineral.

After the refreshment, she sat on the bed for a while, not really having anything to do with herself. She wished she had, like, a book or something. She decided that the most interesting course of action would be to watch TV. Then she remembered that Violet was still asleep and figured that'd be kinda rude.

She looked at Violet for a bit. She remembered something Violet had said about how she kind of looked like Cassidy when she had borrowed her hat. She actually could kind of see the resemblance. There wasn't THAT much there, but enough that she could see Vi maybe being able to pass for her older, more attractive sister or cousin. For some reason, though, the notion of being related to Violet was vaguely bothersome. Cassidy figured it was because she was an only child. Whatever the reason, somehow it just seemed wrong to her for Violet to be related. She also decided to ask Violet whether she had any siblings.

Cassidy was running out of things to think about, so it was good that Violet woke up just then. Cassidy was planning to wait for a bit before saying good morning, because she figured it would take a while for Violet to really wake up, but actually Violet immediately looked awake and alert. Cassidy wished she could be a morning person too.

Violet gave Cassidy a big, brilliant smile. "Good morning!"
"Good morning, Vi! Did you have a nice sleep?" Cassidy smiled back.
"I..." Violet seemed to notice the blanket just then. "Oh! Wow! Heheh."
Cassidy pretended not to notice.
"Yeah, it was okay. I had a kinda bad dream, though."
"A bad dream? About what?"
"My little sister got addicted to drugs, and she started collecting singing robots."
"Oh, that's..." Cassidy tried not to laugh. "Interesting."
"Yeah... Yeah, in retrospect it's pretty funny." Violet tittered. "But it was sad, you know, in the dream. Because in dreams, totally ridiculous things can seem serious." She gazed off into the distance for an extended moment.
"Yeah, you're right," said Cassidy. "Like when I dreamed that... uh... actually," Cassidy admitted, "I don't really have very interesting dreams. Actually I haven't really dreamt anything for quite a while. I kinda stopped really having dreams sometime when I was a teenager."
"Oh. That's sad!" Violet made a big, frowny frown.
"I guess, but I dunno, I don't really miss them. At least I don't have nightmares anymore." Cassidy shrugged.
"Ohh." Violet's frown lingered for a few more seconds, and then she smiled a little bit and hugged Cassidy. "Thanks for the blanket!"
"Oh, it was... nothing."
Violet nodded and pranced off to the bedroom, presumably intending to change. Cassidy remembered then that she should have asked Violet about siblings. Thankfully, Violet emerged about a minute later wearing a big ol' red sweater and black jeans.
"Hey," Cassidy interjected.
"Yeah?" Violet looked at Cassidy, who noticed that Violet looked quite nice even in such a simple outfit.
"You have a sister?"
"Oh, yeah, I do," Violet said casually. "Well, technically no, she's a half-sister, but my mom remarried when I was pretty young, so she always felt like just a regular ol' lil' sis to me."
"Ah," Cassidy said in an uninteresting manner. "Any other siblings?"
"I've got an older brother," said Violet, "named Pete. Man, he used to bug the hell out of me. But I think we're okay with each other now."
"Oh. That's nice." Cassidy still felt pretty boring.
"What about you?" asked Violet. "For some reason I've always imagined you with a younger brother."
"Uh, nope." Cassidy shrugged. "I'm an only child."
"Oh," said Violet. Cassidy felt really boring.

"I feel really boring," Cassidy admitted.
"Why? Being an only child isn't boring. I kind of wanted to be an only child sometimes, it seems nice."
"Meh. I dunno. Sometimes your parents are really mean and unfair to you and you don't have anyone to side with you."
"Nobody ever sided with me anyway," Violet said cheerfully.
"Oh... That's depressing?" Cassidy fumbled for something to say to that.
"Nah, it's cool, I was kind of exaggerating anyway," Violet said. "My siblings didn't really like me that much, but they weren't that bad. And my parents weren't that mean very often. They were nice."
“That's good," Cassidy sighed, contemplating her own parents. She continued to sit glumly for a while. Violet stood looking at her, seemingly wondering whether or not it would be okay to sit next to her.

Violet half-smiled and shuffled off into the bathroom. Cassidy suppressed the urge to call out after her. She decided to go watch TV instead. Again, there wasn't really anything interesting on the tube. She decided to watch some cooking show.

They were making crepes. They looked pretty good. Cassidy had never really tried French food and felt as though she ought to.
"Violet," she said when Violet emerged from the bathroom all made up and fresh-scented, "I want to make crepes."
"Ooh, that sounds good," Violet agreed. "But... I don't really know how. Actually, I've never really been great at cooking. I have a tendency to... well... burn stuff."
"Well, look!" Cassidy pulled Violet onto the couch and pointed at the crepes.
"But they've already started making it," Violet said. "And anyway, I don't think I could make anything right even if I had, like, a complete instruction manual on how to do it."
"Well, you need..." Cassidy rattled off the ingredients and then went through what the cooking lady had done so far. "And you know, I mean," she finished, "we'll make 'em together."
"Really?" said Violet. "Are you sure? You could like... catch on fire or something."
"I don't think I'll catch on fire," Cassidy said, "and look, sprinklers." Cassidy pointed up at the sprinkler on the ceiling.

And so, for the second time in their lives together, Violet and Cassidy went to the grocery store.

They grocery-stored.
"I got the flour!" Violet exclaimed, triumphantly holding up a sack of flour.
"Here," said Cassidy, putting some eggs in the cart. And real ones too. Not FAKE eggs that are FAKE and for FAKERS.
"Milk!" Violet shouted. She threw a gallon of milk into the cart. In its container, of course. She didn't just throw a bunch of milk around.
Cassidy lightly placed a canister of salt into the cart.
"Butter!" Violet put like five sticks of butter into the cart. Cassidy looked at her sternly and she put a couple back. Violet then danced ahead of the cart as they headed to the... pie aisle.
"Blueberry pie filling," Cassidy said disinterestedly as she put the item into the cart.
Violet looked at Cassidy sternly and put the pie filling back. She then plucked it right off the shelf and slam-dunked it into the cart, declaring, "BLUEBERRY PIE FILLING!"
"That was unnecessary," said Cassidy, trying to pretend as though she was disapproving instead of amused.
"It wasn't," Violet corrected Cassidy, and she shimmied over to the express checkout.
"All right, if you say so," Cassidy conceded, trailing behind her friend.

The checkout person was some high school kid with kinda long hair. He looked at the two girls with bemusement. And possibly a little bit of a feeling that originated in a part of his body closer to the ground. If you get my drift. That is to say, nausea. Cassidy stared him down as he scanned in the flour and eggs and so on.
"Hi," Violet said to the kid. She was seemingly unaware of, or maybe just ignoring, the fact that he was kinda weird and gawky and a little creepy really. "What's up?" she asked, hoping for some sort of response.
The kid mumbled a noncommittal phrase that was half one word and not quite another.
"I'm Violet," Violet introduced herself.
"George." The kid pointed to his nametag. Which, obviously, said Loretta. Naw, I'm just kidding, it said George.
"Cool," Violet said, genuinely meaning it. "How's school been going?"
"It's winter. We're on break," George said, as though this was extremely obvious.
Violet tilted her head. "Oh. Are you getting good grades?"
George looked at her as though he would very much like to kick her ass, but obviously he could not do such a thing, so he just grunted.
"Well, remember to do your homework." Violet was about to continue when she noticed that all the items had been scanned and paid for, and Cassidy had bagged everything and put it in the cart, and was waiting for Violet.
"Oh, I better be going then!" she said cheerily as she walked over to Cassidy.
George scowled, adjusted his pants, and started texting someone. Violet and Cassidy subsequently headed for home.

When they got to home, Violet arranged all the ingredients on the kitchen counter and stared at them, scratching her head.
"So, uh..." Violet said hesitantly, "Now what?"
Cassidy recalled the recipe. "We need a cup of flour and two eggs."
"OK, so uh..." Violet said. "First... first then... let's get started with... First then we should..." She paused. "Cassie, what am I supposed to do?"
"...Get a measuring cup," Cassidy said.
"Oh, yes, of course, silly me," Violet chuckled. "...Where is the measuring cup? Do we even have one?"
"There should be one under the sink," Cassidy explained as she selected two eggs and cracked them into a bowl.
"Oh, thanks, Cassie." Violet got the measuring cup and started humming to herself brightly. Cassidy threw out the eggshells and waited for Violet to finish pouring the flour into the cup.

Violet managed to pour the flour into the measuring cup without it overflowing.
Cassidy stood around for a second, then cleared her throat. "Can I have it?"
"Oh, yes, of course, here." Violet handed Cassidy the cup. "Sorry, Cassie, I did tell you I was bad at it."
"It's okay," Cassidy said, feeling strangely tolerant. "Now get a half a cup of milk and a half a cup of water...”
"Uh, okay..." Violet got half a cup of milk and half a cup of water.
"Now dump it into the bowl," Cassidy instructed as she mixed the flour and eggs.
"Uh... okay..."
Cassidy, noticing that Violet was about to dump the milk and water in in such a way that would get it all over the kitchen, tilted the bowl to accomodate this. Unfortunately, she overcorrected a bit. Of course, this resulted in milk and water getting on the kitchen. But at least only partially instead of all over.
"Omigod! Sorry sorry sorry!" Violet exclaimed, getting a hell of a lot of paper towels.
Cassidy was a little annoyed, but mostly she actually thought it was pretty funny. "No, it's fine," she said, giggling a little at Violet's mistake. Then, noticing something, Cassidy said: "Wait right there." She darted off to get her camera. Violet just stood there confusedly as Cassidy ran off.

Cassidy figured a candid shot would look better, so she hid the camera behind her back as she returned to the kitchen. Then, right as she got in front of Violet, she whipped the camera out and snapped a picture.
"Wah!" Violet freaked out. A little.
Cassidy brought the picture back up on the picture viewer thingy. "See?"
Violet looked at a photo of a very freaked-out version of her with crepe batter all over her and laughed. She then plucked the camera out of Cassidy's hands and aimed it at Cassidy.


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