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They moved on to a less hippie-ish section of the store. This section had food that was not organic at all. In fact, some of the stuff in this aisle appeared to have no real food in it at all.

Cassidy thought it looked great.

"Let's have some of this," she said, pointing at a can with the intriguing label of "Vaguely Meatlike Product".

"Geez," Violet commented, picking up the can and reading the back. "They bother stocking this?"

"I might asking you that about, uh, what was it? Tofu substitute paste?" Cassidy rebutted.

"I might asking you what's up with your grammar," Violet teased, replacing the can.

"I didn't make any grammar mistakes," Cassidy said. "...Oh wait, never mind." Cassidy realized she had.

"Haha, no worries. Look, pig's feet!"

"Now there's something I don't know why they sell," Cassidy said. "They have, like, twenty jars of the stuff on a shelf at the supermarket back at home and I don't think I've ever seen someone pick up one of them once."

Violet pondered this for a moment, then spoke up. "There's probably some weird old man who will come in every week and buy up every jar, and then he makes pigs out of papier-mache and attaches the feet, and sells them to art galleries." She fanned out her hands. "Number 126 in the series, 'Pig with Real Feet #126.'"

Cassidy stared at Violet strangely for a while and then burst out laughing.

Violet followed suit. An old lady pushed her cart through the aisle, her head turning to stare at them.

The old lady made a small, disdainful noise, then moved on.

Of course, our heroines were laughing too loudly for them to hear the disdainful noise. When they were done laughing, they got up from the floor and moved on.

"Uh... what were we shopping for, again?" Violet asked.

"I forget," Cassidy admitted.

"OK," said Violet, "Then let's just buy a whole bunch of crazy crap!"

First, they got a bunch of meringue cookies.

Then they got, like, three things of laundry detergent.

Violet picked out an exquisitely loud greeting card, the kind that plays show tunes.

At Cassidy's insistence, they bought a set of knives.

And then they just bought a whole bunch of random food items, none of them breakfast-related. In fact, they left the store having not bought any breakfast at all.

They carried the bags down the waterfront street back toward their condo. Violet only remembered their original purpose in going to the store when they passed a little shack called The Breakfast Group.

"Hey," Violet asked, "Weren't we supposed to get breakfast?"

"...Damn, you're right," Cassidy concurred. They ended up just going right in while carrying their shopping stuff.


"So what exactly kind of place is this?" Cassidy wondered as they stood at the front desk thingee.

Violet looked at the menu that was sitting on the thingy at the desk thingee. "Quite possibly a breakfast joint. And apparently, one that also serves regular burgers."

"For breakfast?"

"I guess, but there isn't even anything breakfasty about them... just a regular burger, lettuce, tomato, fries, those shenanigans." A waiter guy came up and seated them in a booth right next to the corner.

"So, what're you gonna get, Cass?" said Violet, completely oblivious to the fact that anyone she knew was sitting anywhere near her.

Cassidy had been staring over the wall of the booth at Elly's green mop. "Oh, um," she said, keeping her voice down, "I guess, um, the french toast... dish."

"And I," said Violet, rather loudly, "Will have, uh... The squid omelette."

Joel and Kenneth turned around. Elly scooted higher up in her seat. Both of these actions took place with the intent of seeing who was sitting in the booth adjacent to theirs.

Cassidy immediately looked over her shoulder at a completely different part of the restaurant, but Violet, of course, did no such thing.

"Hey! It's Cassie's friends! Hi!"

Cassidy looked intently at some other table where a couple was making out.

Joel grinned. "Haha! Cassie."

"Hey Cassie, are you all right?" Violet inquired. "Why aren't you looking at them? Is that couple making out just really interesting, or what?"

"Yes," Cassidy replied in a rather strained voice.

"Are you afraid of them or something? Come on, look at them!"

Cassidy gave a long sigh, then turned around, trying to look dignified.

"Hello," she sighed.

Kenneth looked at Joel, seeming to expect an introduction.

"What are you looking at me for?" Joel mumbled.

"I expect an introduction."

"Oh," Joel replied. "The one in the hat is Assidy or whatever. The one... not in the hat is... like... some kinda... flower name. She has a flower for a name. Or is it a color? I forget."

"I'm Violet," Violet declared, "and this is Cassidy. And you are?"

"I'm Kenneth," said Kenneth.

"Pleased to meet'cha!" Violet held her hand out over the divider between the booths.

Kenneth paused, looking as though he was unsure whether or not to return the gesture, then shook back.


Elly regarded the scene with a bit of amusement: Here was Joel's Friend meeting Cassidy's Friend.

"Sooo," said Violet. "You're Kenneth."

"I sure am," Kenneth admitted. "I met Joel at a bar. And one thing led to anoth-"

Violet looked at Kenneth for a second with her brow furrowed.

"...And, well, yeah, we ended up getting breakfast."

"Right. Breakfast." Violet said.

"So what about you guys?" asked Kenneth.

Violet looked eager to tell the story. "I ran into Cassie in a restaurant! And we started talking, and then we ended up going to the BEACH!"

"And what exactly did you do on the beach?" Kenneth asked curiously.

"Not much, actually," Violet explained. "We've mostly been condo-ing."

"Oh, I get what you're saying," said Kenneth.

Cassidy immediately said: "Nonononononono."

Violet looked back at her hat-wearing friend. "No?"

"...Gah." Cassidy slumped down in her seat. "Isn't he, like, probably implying that we've been, y'know? Since that's probably what HE'S been doing."

"Oh, that. No, we haven't been doing that."

Elly laughed quite loudly, which made pretty much everyone turn and stare at her.

"What the hell is your problem, Elly," said Cassidy bluntly.

"Can't a girl laugh? Carry on, carry on."

"She's right, you know," Violet pointed out. "A girl can laugh. Anyway, yeah. Back to the... conversation... thingy. Majig."

"Right," Kenneth agreed. "So why did you come here, anyway?"

"Cuz we haven't eaten breakfast yet. And now we're gonna! Isn't that awesome?" Violet said, giving the thumbs up sign, apparently indicating her approval of the coming breakfast.

"Actually, I was talking about our little seaside town. Look, here comes that jaded waiter guy."

"Hey," said the waiter. "Here's your food." He put down Cassidy and Violet's plates. He had mixed them up, so they had to switch. Then the waiter went away.

Elly and Cassidy simultaneously envied the interestingness of Violet's order.

Joel thought that Violet's order clearly demonstrated some sort of mental handicap.

Kenneth wasn't particularly interested either way.

Violet proceeded to dig in, savoring each tentacle.

Cassidy reluctantly began to eat her French toast or whatever the hell it was.

Everyone at the other table just stared at the two eating their food, since they were done and had nothing better to do. After a while, someone at the other table said something.

"So, anyone up for... um, other places?”

"Like what?" asked Cassidy, who had finished her boring toast.

"I 'unno," whoever it was said. "The beach?"

"Again?" said Cassidy. "That place is really boring, Elly." Elly had apparently been the one talking.

"We could make it less boring this time! Do something fun! Like, I dunno, nude mud wrestling!"

Cassidy stared blankly for a moment, then immediately looked back over to the now-empty table where the couple had been before to hide the fact that she was blushing. She started to say something, but then stopped.

Violet laughed- her back was turned to Cassidy, so she didn't see her reaction. "I'm game, but I don't think everyone here would be."

"Well..." said Kenneth. "That would depend on who it was with. Because-"

Joel shot Kenneth a look and he promptly shut up.

Cassidy was glad she was looking away because now she was blushing even harder, presumably at what Violet had said. Except no it wasn't. But maybe... No. No it wasn't.

Elly seemed happy. "Okay! What about you, Cassidy?"

"I-I... No!" Cassidy stuttered in response. "I don't... Who's saying I'd like nude mud wrestling?! Nobody, that's who!"

Every single person present turned to stare at her, including Jaded Waiter Guy and a large family at a nearby table.

"Quit looking at me!" Cassidy cried, and stared at her empty plate while sinking lower in her seat.

Violet broke her stare off and encouraged the others to do the same.

Everyone did except Joel, who was just an asshole that way.

Violet, who didn't know enough about Joel to give up, gave him the Death Stare.

Joel looked somewhere else, but only because he was bored. Violet interpreted this as victory.


And so they went to the beach.

Of course, since it was winter, there wasn't much to do.

Cassidy got out her camera. She stroked her camera. "Awww, Cameron! I missed you... It's good to hold you again."

She took a picture of some seagulls. She moved to take a picture from another angle, and as she pressed the button, Violet came ballerina-dancing through the gulls and made them all fly away.

Cassidy considered complaining, but decided that probably made for a better picture anyway. It did look pretty cool, sorta like Moses parting the Red Sea if the Red Sea was gulls and Moses was Violet.

Violet noticed Cassidy had her camera out. "Hey Cassie, can you take a picture of all of us?"

"What? Oh... But that's not the same thing... I take artistic photographs, not touristy... oh... fine, okay," Cassidy said to Violet's sad puppy face.

"Hey, everyone!" Violet called. "Gather round! We're gonna take a group photo! With everybody!"

Except me, Cassidy thought. She wasn't sure why this upset her.



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March 2011

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